Indisch meisje - by Jacqueline Schafer

Indo-European Influence – Jacqueline Schäfer

Jacqueline Schäfer’s paintings and sculptures are exhibited at galleries and art fairs in Paris, Berlin, Stockholm, Milan, Knokke, Gothenburg and even Seoul.

What inspires you?

I find the works of various famous 20th century artists inspirational. But I’ve also been inspired by the comic books my older brothers used to read and the interest of my father in Japanese woodblock prints and Balinese art.

You recently started a series of portraits called Indo-European girls. Does your Indo-European heritage influence your work?

I wouldn’t call myself an ‘Indo-European artist’ and I wouldn’t say it influenced my style. However, the mix of cultures certainly influences my sensibility. I started the series Indo-European girls, because I got inspired by meeting other women with the same background as myself. My parents were both born in Indonesia (then the Dutch East Indies). Since Indonesia gained independence from Dutch rule in 1949, a large diaspora relocated to the Netherlands, where more mixed-race children were born – some even with fair hair and blue eyes. Yet they still feel the Indonesian culture within them. My aim is to stage an exhibition that showcases this diversity.

Article about the 'Indonesian girls' - in Moesson Magazine.

Article about the ‘Indonesian girls’ – in Moesson Magazine.

Indo-European Girl

Indo-European Girl

Indisch meisje - by Jacqueline Schafer

Indisch meisje – by Jacqueline Schafer

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