Jacqueline Schäfer

The Quest for Freedom – Jacqueline Schäfer

The paintings and sculptures of Jacqueline Schäfer reflect a world of harmony and happiness. In her life she looks for balance and peacefulness.

Explain why freedom is a recurring motif in your work?

When I was at the art academy, I constantly had to deal with the opinions of the tutors. Before I knew it, I was adjusting my paintings to what others liked. When I left there, I realised you can’t please everybody. You have to go your own way, follow your own path. Actually my whole life is a quest for freedom: freedom from what others think and freedom to live the life I want. That’s why it’s a recurring theme in my paintings: flying birds, an open window… I put my character and emotions in my art. The colours and objects all have a special meaning to me – but the symbolism is hidden and open for interpretation. This way, I give other people room to explore their own feelings and emotions.


Jacqueline Schafer_Comforting Table

The Comforting Table, no.2

Jacqueline Schäfer

Jacqueline Schäfer

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