The story behind the making of “The blue table for two with red flowers in a black and white vase” 2011


In 2011 I painted “The blue table for two with red flowers in a black and white vase” 160 cm x 120 cm / Acrylics on canvas.

I worked on it that whole summer, two days a week, at the establishment of gallery The Art Shop on the Ceintuurbaan in Amsterdam.

I loved working with all the different shades of blue and then, towards the end, using the shining red for the flowers. Tables are a recurrent theme in my work. But, I like to give them all their own identity.

When I was really very pleased and more than satisfied with my work, the painting was shown at the same location. So that people who’d dropped by regularly during the whole process, could see the final result of my labor.

In October of that same year gallery The Art Shop took it to the international AAF Amsterdam. Where galleries from all over the world gather to show their art collections. Which then still was held at the very special venue of the Westergasfabriek.

From there on it went to the wonderful serene space of gallery Pallas in Amsterdam.


In February 2012 it was shown at the international AAF Brussels in Tour & Taxis.

The life of an artist can be an uncertain one. Saying that, I realize it´s also a very certain one. You’re very certain that you are doing what you love most. Creating art and being free. On the other hand, it is always very uncertain if and when you will sell the painting that you loved making.

But that´s not what´s on my mind while working on a painting. I have faith that somewhere there will be a match for every painting. That there is a person, or people, who are at least as enthusiastic about it as I myself. Who´d love to enjoy it and share their life with it. Or at least a long part of their life. And…. not very unimportant, who are able to buy it.


I know that this blue table of mine eventually found its place on a wall in Gohtenburg, Sweden, with its new owner.

So, if anything, patience and trust are very valuable assets when you´re an artist.

Thank you for your time. Sincerely yours, Jacqueline Schäfer.


P.S. If you´d like you can watch the short (1:30 min.) photo video clip down below, of the making of “The blue table for two, with red flowers in a black and white vase” on my YouTube channel.

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