Freedom is a butterfly.


In 2016 I painted “Free. Freedom is a butterfly” (140 cm x 70 cm). I was then, and am still now more or less, in a butterfly period.

You might wonder what that even means. I’ll try to clarify as far as I can. Painting is one thing, explaining the underlying thoughts something else.

Except for the fact that the butterfly is generally acknowledged as being a beautiful creature in all its wonderful color variations, it also stands in Symbolism for a lot of things which you could come across in spiritual and/or emotional life.

Or not. Depending on how sensitive you are for things like that. If not then the butterfly is just what it is, a beautiful winged insect and nothing more.

20161206_140803 (2)“Freedom is a butterfly” 2016 / 140 cm x 70 cm

But, even in ancient Chinese, Celtic, Greek, Japanese and Christian culture the butterfly was used as a symbol in art for, among other things, the soul, immortality, resurrection, regeneration, transcendence, joy, fire, the psyche, etc., etc.

And just because I feel it is my artistic freedom, I added a few more things to this symbolic list. For me the butterfly also represents matters like freedom, eternity and omnipresence. The reasons why being personal and not open for clarification at this particular moment. And who knows what more will follow and how long the list will be. All depending on the titles, that will come to me, to give my butterfly paintings yet to be made.

20161206_141131 “Everlasting” 2016 / 140 cm x 70 cm

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