My “Late night sketches straight from the heart”.


One of my, almost daily, rituals is making a “Late night sketch straight from the heart”. Which is inspired by love, the man I love and the music I love and listen to while working in my Amsterdam studio. It’s usually done after I’ve finished working on one of my paintings at the end of the evening.

A ritual just to lighten my heart and head before going to sleep. In the picture above you see me and my little studio manager Pukje sitting in front of my “Wall of Love” which,  by now, almost covers the whole wall.

I’ve posted these sketches from the very beginning on my Facebook page to share them with everybody. And most of the time they generate a lot of positive reactions.

Late night sketch straight from the heart 7 maart 2019 001

I always have to scan the black and white drawings, which I make with a black marker on white paper, to digitize them. So I can show them on internet.

late night sketch straight from yhe heart 3 Feb 2019 001

Lately I started editing these black and white scans on my computer. And posted these as well on Facebook. The reactions on the first edited “Late night sketch” was so overwhelming that I decided to offer it to my followers on Facebook and Instagram as a print which they could order. As an extra it is hand signed and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

late night sketch straight from yhe heart 3 Feb 2019 EDIT Paint Taurus 001

And that’s how it all started with my prints from my “Late night sketches straight from the heart”. I opened up a shop page on Etsy. So, now people from all over the world can order them. Because not everybody is on Facebook. Now it is important that they’ll be noticed and that people, who are interested, can find and order them.

Late night sketch straight from the heart 7 maart 2019 edit 001

So, next to my paintings this is a new path I, only recently, have made my first steps on. Time will tell where it will lead to…

Thank you for your attention.

Kind regards Jacqueline Schäfer, Amsterdam



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