Meeting Jacqueline Schäfer


Dutch artist Jacqueline Schäfer graduated from Amsterdam’s prestigious Rietveld Academy in 1989. Since then she’s developed a highly recognisable style in her paintings which exude bright colours and draws on elements of cubism, pop art and graffiti. In 2007, she expanded her artistic talent to sculpting, producing a series of birds, cows and cacti in the same distinctive style.

Her sculptures and paintings are exhibited at galleries and art fairs in Paris, Berlin, Stockholm, Milan, Knokke, Gothenburg and even Seoul. I meet her at her studio in Amsterdam where I’m immediately struck by the amount of artworks. Every wall is covered in a colourful explosion of paintings, big and small. And on every table and window-sill, statues and sculptures vie for a position.


Jacqueline Schäfer’s work exhibited in Knokke, Belgium.


Jacqueline Schäfer at Gallery Pallas, Amsterdam, Holland.

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